Split – the Difference

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This blog will give you better insight into the charm of Split Centre – the quaintly named  ‘Get’ in the heart of Diocletian’s palace and Matejuška, a lesser known place by the seaside, a favourite spot for locals and the place where you can definitely  feel part of the scenery and get a real authentic flavour.

Get was  known in the past as a really  notorious part of town and a place to avoid.  How times change !  Nowadays it is the place to be seen and to find lovely restaurants, bars and cafés. It is the perfect area to explore if you want to feel almost like you are getting lost in the centre of an ancient city and explore the sights on your own. In Get it is common to see laundry casually put on “tiramola” – the ropes in front of small, old stone houses.

Also, Get is in the very heart of  Diocletian’s Palace so all the cobbled streets and alleys are really small and connect with each other, so you easily bump into people and sometimes even large groups of tourists.

Just few steps from Split Old Town Centre and the UNESCO protected Diocletian’s Palace, there is, what was known previously, as a fishermans area called Varoš and Matejuška.

Matejuška is the place to be for a real local vibe and to meet the natives ! Here in the morning you can still see local fisherman,  fishing, fighting and complaining !

You can take a walk along the seaside during the day and take some lovely photos of Split from a less touristy angle.  Have lunch in an authentic Konoba (taverna) in nearby Varoš.

During the evening in summer, you can people watch the locals gathering before heading to the City Centre. Known as the only public outdoor  drinking place in Split, Matejuška is a very popular place with younger people.   Whilst more mature adults will head in the direction of the more upmarket  cafes and restaurants on Zapadna Obala and towards the  ACI Marina.

Here you can sip an ice cold Posip in a world class location and watch the locals promenade of an evening.  But be careful, its habit forming and hypnotic !